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The Sasse Museum of Art is a gathering place to celebrate the inspiring and transformative power

of arts and culture and to expand our understanding of ourselves and the world.


In the realm of contemporary art, three distinct exhibitions at the Sasse Museum of Art in downtown Pomona, CA, offer viewers a multifaceted journey into the depths of human experience and creativity. “I Am Alive, a Breath, a Trail” by Brittany Kiertzner, “The Way In” by Jackie Leishman, and “Shadow Notes” by John Woodcock each carve out their own space within the art world, inviting audiences to explore themes of identity, perception, and reinvention.

Gorman Bentley casa poscard 5x7 needed to be said.jpg


 Curated by:  Ahmad Shariff

Gorman Bentley, a Claremont abstract artist, paints on canvas what words often struggle to convey.

1950s rural Dakotas may not seem like an ideal environment for a “different” sort of child, but for Gorman, it fostered a sensitive awareness of both the potential and the needs within himself and others. That played well into his life career as an educator, and later, as an "intuitive" artist. 

As a child, Gorman spent countless hours gazing into endless prairie, instinctively registering the subtle colors, textures, and forms within each season. Those memories are now infused into his works on canvas. Gorman is not typically interested in painting what has already been seen or what words alone can express. Each work begins with one selected color and evolves from the first brush stroke to when the work says it is finished. Gorman invites you to enter the enormous and desolate world his young mind once imagined and use what is painted on the canvas to make one’s own discoveries of self.  

Gorman and his husband have lived in the Claremont Village since 1985. Gorman exhibits locally in several venues and is also the current Resident Artist of Casa 425 Hotel and Lounge, where his works are displayed throughout the lobby and bar.

"Words cannot express what paint shows so clearly.”
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