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“Collage is the art of finding harmony in chaos, meaning in absurdity, and beauty in contrast. It is a way of expressing the complexity and diversity of human experience, as well as challenging the conventional notions of art. I collage because I want to explore the world and myself through the fragments of reality that I collect and rearrange.” - Marina Yermakova Timm

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Marina Yermakova Timm (b. 1985) is a Russian-born LA-based collage artist. She creates original works on paper as well as designs for commercial projects.

Observing and contemplating the collective human melodrama is what drives her to create. The exaltation and despair of our interconnected daily lives and the absurd banality of it all are her focus. An assemblage of arbitrary shapes, shades and textures becomes a new complete whole. She chose collage as her preferred medium because it feels like an open-ended puzzle or a balancing of objects. The practice of bringing unrelated elements together to produce a cohesive piece helps to explore and understand complex human interactions.

Marina’s main influences are the artists of the Russian avant-garde like K. Malevich and A. Rodchenko, as well as the Dadaist movement of the post WWI Europe. Their aesthetic and polar opposite views on what art is and should be have long been a source of fascination for her.


Photocopy, linocut print on Strathmore printmaking paper

42 x 50 x 1.5 inches


Japanese Katazomi and Izumo Mingei mitsumata on Izumo paper.

42 x 50 x 1.5 inches

Screen Printed Lokta

Japanese Izumo Mingei mitsumata and Nepalese screen printed lokta on Izumo paper.

26 x 29 x 1.5 inches

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