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Asclepius’ Dilemma is a painting that depicts the conflict and regret of the god of healing who tried to kill his rival, Paeon, the physician to the gods. The artist uses a palette of pink, red, grey, black and brown to create a mood of tension and sorrow. The pink and red represent the peony flower, the symbol of Paeon’s transformation and escape. The grey and black represent the underworld, the realm of Pluto, the god who was cured by Paeon. The brown represents the earth, the domain of Asclepius and his failed attempt to murder Paeon. The painting shows a swirling pattern of colors that form a vertical rectangle, resembling a flower in bloom. The painting also shows a faint outline of a weapon, such as a knife or a spear, that fades into the background, suggesting Asclepius’ dilemma and remorse. The painting invites the viewer to reflect on the consequences of jealousy and violence, and to appreciate the beauty and grace of life.

Asclepius' Dilemna

  • Acrylic on Canvas

  • 36 x 48 inches

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