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Darkside of the Rainbow is an acrylic and charcoal on canvas painting by Pablo Damas that explores the struggles and triumphs of coming out as LGBTQ+. The painting uses symbolic elements such as rainbow fingers, a target, a neon crown, and dramatic lighting to convey the emotions and experiences of the artist and his community. The rainbow fingers hide the figure’s identity from the viewer, representing the shame and fear of being gay for years. The target in the background signifies the pressure and hostility they might face from family, friends, or society. Once they come out, the shackles they have been wearing all their life are finally broken and they are free of the restraint. The neon crown above the figure’s head shows the glowing sense of strength and pride they should feel once taking this step in life. Throughout this whole process and throughout their entire life, there is an invisible support system behind them helping them along the way.


The dramatic lighting of the painting reflects the mental and emotional darkness that one would come out of. As they step out and the light shines on them, the brightness is blinding and the warmth is extremely comforting.

Darkside of the Rainbow

  • 30 x 40 x .75 inches

  • Acrylic, chorocoal on canvas

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