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“My Sleepy Lover” - A Vivid Embrace by Qais Al-Cindy

Qais Al-Cindy’s “My Sleepy Lover” is an abstract expression of intimacy, rendered in acrylic and oil on canvas. Dominated by a vibrant red palette, the painting exudes warmth and passion, with complementary touches of blue, yellow, and white adding to the emotional depth. The dynamic brushwork and thick impasto techniques create a textured landscape that invites the viewer to feel the energy and movement within the piece. While the forms are open to interpretation, they suggest a closeness and tenderness that resonate with the title’s suggestion of a lover in repose.


Al-Cindy’s signature on the canvas confirms the authenticity of this 2022 creation, a testament to their skill in conveying complex emotions through abstract art.

My Sleepy Lover

  • 12x12 inches

  • Acrylic and oil on canvas

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