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“Rome (Diptych)” is a mesmerizing mixed media artwork by Jackie Leishman. This diptych captures the essence of Rome through an abstract lens. The artwork is a collage of various shapes and forms, reminiscent of architectural elements, creating a visual symphony of textures. The left panel is warm with hints of red and pink amidst white and grey areas, while the right panel contrasts with cooler tones, dominated by blues and greys with touches of red. Intricate line work adds depth and dimension to the composition, and the use of white space gives the artwork a sense of openness and balance. This piece is a testament to Leishman’s skill and creativity in using mixed media to convey a rich tapestry of narratives and emotions. It is an ode to Rome, capturing its iconic essence in a unique and captivating manner.

Rome (Diptych)

  • Ink, pastel, acrylic paint, and collage

  • 75 x 96 inches

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