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Silver River/ Kahwistara:ken discusses how the artist endeavors to connect with the pain of loss and insecurity, and the inherent vulnerability of life and death for the next generation of Indigenous women. And how they physically are part of the inevitable social pressures moving disintegration and impermanence.


Themes of regeneration, authenticity, and the subversion of materials permeate Kiertzner's creations, mirroring a deep introspection into the layers of history and tradition. Since 2007, she has showcased her mixed media and textile-based works in a myriad of solo and juried exhibitions across California, establishing herself as a formidable force in the regional art scene. Nestled in Claremont, California, Kiertzner not only resides but also meticulously manages her studio, a space where creativity converges with cultural heritage to produce art that speaks volumes about the synthesis of past and present.

Silver River/ Kahwistara:ken

  • Encaustic, plaster, cotton and silk embroidery fiber, yarn, waxed cord, zip ties, repurposed textiles, steel wire frame.

  • 26X6X4 inches

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