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“The Peace of Wild Things IX” is a captivating mixed media artwork by Jackie Leishman. This piece masterfully combines collage and monoprint techniques to create a visually striking composition. The artwork encapsulates the essence of human form and emotion through abstract representation, utilizing contrasting textures and colors to evoke a sense of depth and introspection. The artwork features an abstract representation of a human figure against a predominantly white background. The figure, depicted using bold strokes and filled with fragmented pieces resembling collage elements, is adorned with various shades of black, grey, blue, and brown. The brush strokes surrounding the figure add dynamism to the composition, while the blue lines accentuating certain parts of the body add vibrancy amidst the darker tones. The face of the figure is obscured with dark lines, creating an enigmatic expression. This artwork invites viewers into a world where emotion and form are inextricably linked, embodying a story of emotional depth. It is a testament to Leishman’s skill and creativity in using mixed media to convey a rich tapestry of narratives and emotions.

The Peace of Wild Things IX

  • Ink, acrylic paint, and collage

  • 70 x 48 inches (framed 74 x 53 inches)

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