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Quincey Grace, a California-based artist, has paid tribute to the often-overlooked women behind famous men with her latest creation, Van Gogh's Sister-in-law. In this sculpture, Grace imagines how Van Gogh would have created his sister-in-law if he were a sculptor. The sculpture is made from air dry clay and features bright acrylic shades of orange and purple, with a touch of green, inspired by Van Gogh's iconic color palette. Van Gogh's brother Theo may have supplied him with paint, canvas, and brushes, but it was Theo's wife who played a crucial role in getting Vincent's art seen and sold after his death. Van Gogh's Sister-in-law honors and celebrates the women who are the wind beneath the wings of famous men.

Van Gogh's Sister-in-law

  • 7.25 x 6.5 x 3  

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