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“What We Carry VIII” is a captivating mixed media artwork by Jackie Leishman. This piece combines elements of collage and monoprint techniques to create a visual narrative where abstract forms and vivid colors intertwine. The artwork features an abstract representation of a human figure against a predominantly white background. The figure, depicted using both sketched lines and collage elements, is adorned with various shades of red, blue, purple, and black. The upper part of the body is more heavily detailed with color patches, while the lower part primarily consists of sketched lines. The intense contrast between the colored collage elements and the stark white background draws attention to the central figure. The artwork exudes an abstract, emotional quality with its combination of fragmented shapes and bold colors, inviting viewers into a world where emotion and form are inextricably linked. It is a testament to Leishman’s skill and creativity in using mixed media to convey a rich tapestry of narratives and emotions.

What We Carry VIII

  • Ink, acrylic paint, and collage

  • 60 x 42 inches

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