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Bentson X Bentley

107 Harvard Avenue North, Claremont, CA 91711, USA

August 5th 2023

Bentson X Bentley is an upcoming art exhibit that showcases the works of two contemporary abstract painters, Andrew Bentson and Gorman Bentley, at the Claremont Art Gallery. The exhibit features a selection of their solo and collaborative pieces, which explore the themes of color, form, emotion, and expression.

Andrew Bentson is a landscape architect and contractor who started painting in 2020 as a way of coping with the COVID-19 pandemic and personal challenges. His paintings are inspired by his travels, nature, and architecture, and he uses oil on canvas to create vibrant and dynamic compositions. He has exhibited his work at the Ginger Elliott Gallery and the Casa 425 Hotel in Claremont.

Gorman Bentley is an American artist who was born in 1953 and currently lives in Claremont. He has been painting since he was a child, and he studied art at the University of California, Los Angeles. His paintings are influenced by his interest in philosophy, psychology, and spirituality, and he uses acrylic on canvas to create geometric and organic shapes that convey his inner vision. He has exhibited his work at various venues, such as the Chaffey Community Museum of Art, the Artsy Gallery, and the Casa 425 Hotel in Claremont.

As collaborating artists, Andrew and Gorman challenge one another to push through the boundaries of their own world views in order to create bolder, more meaningful work on canvas. Their collaborative paintings are a result of a dialogue between their contrasting styles and perspectives, which creates a synergy that enriches both their individual and collective expressions. Bentson X Bentley is a unique opportunity to witness the creative process and the artistic evolution of two talented and passionate artists.

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