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The Through Road

July 6th 2024

In this captivating solo exhibition, artist Rebecca Hamm presents a collection of paintings that emerged during the tumultuous days of the 2020 global pandemic. As societal systems crumbled and merged, Hamm harnessed the chaotic vigor of those times. Her observations of the natural world’s vitality found expression in these works, which intentionally sought irrational steps toward more internal references.

Past Event

Spring Cleaning Canvas Silent Auction Copy

April 6th 2024

Over the past three years, the Ahmad Shariff Art Gallery has proudly exhibited over 30 solo and group shows, featuring captivating works from new artists, emerging talents, and internationally renowned creators. As part of our commitment to supporting these exhibitions and nurturing our artists, we’re thrilled to invite you to our Annual Silent Auction "Spring Cleaning Canvas".

Past Event

2024 Juried Art Exhibition

January 6th 2024

Join us on January 6th at Ahmad Shariff Gallery for the “2024 Juried Art Exhibition” featuring over 20 talented artists. The exhibition will be juried by Ryan Zimmerman, President of the CLMA board of directors. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to explore the diverse and captivating works of these artists and let your favorite artwork take center stage. We hope to see you there!

Past Event

Shadows of October

October 7th 2023

Shadows of October: Exploring the Mysteries of the Season Is a thought-provoking art exhibition that delves into the captivating darkness and enigmatic allure of the month. This compelling showcase brings together a group of talented artists who explore the multifaceted aspects of October through their unique artistic expressions.

Past Event


July 1st 2023

Vivid Dreams is an exhibition that celebrates the beauty of imperfections and the diversity of art. It inspires viewers to create art from their own thoughts, dreams, or life experiences. The artworks combine various styles and elements to depict modern life in bold and unconventional ways.

Past Event

Art of Mesopotamia

April 1st 2023

Paul Batou is an Assyrian Visual Artist and this collection was based on his pleas and prayers written in November 2019 and painted over the past several months as the world faces the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pat event

Easel in the Village Copy

June 1st 2024

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of plein air paintings as more than 20 exceptionally talented artists, led by the talented Plein-air artist Elisa Arancibia, capture the very essence of Claremont’s local surroundings. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a collector, or simply curious, this event, presented in collaboration with IEPAPAS, promises to inspire and delight.

Past Event

Ahmad and Friends A Celebration of Friendship and Art

March 2nd 2024

This exhibition showcases the works of Ahmad Shariff and his artist friends, who have been creating and collaborating for years. Their art reflects their diverse backgrounds, styles, and influences, ranging from abstract to surreal to pop art to fiber art. Using vibrant colors and expressive forms, they explore themes such as identity, culture, and social issues. Through their art, they also celebrate the bond they share as local artists and friends.

Past Event

The Gift of Creativity

December 2nd 2023

Join us for The Gift of Creativity, our 2nd Annual Holiday Group Show featuring local artists. Discover their diverse and captivating artworks and spiritual journeys through paintings, sculptures, and installations. Each creation reflects their self-reflection, life experiences, and spiritual connections using various materials and mediums. From monochrome lines to colorful fiber, enjoy the creativity of our emerging artists.

Past Event

This is a Mighty Room

September 2nd 2023

A solo exhibition from artist Brittany Kiertzner
A suite of hand-embroidered abstract works alongside mixed media oil paintings on canvas. After more than 20 years as a landscape painter, Kiertzner has recently began exploring textile techniques as a methodology for combining embroidery and paint.

Past Event

The path of the fairies

June 3rd 2023

Leonardo Moleiro has developed his artistic career from an early age. He uses art as a form of expression and a means to communicate through a canvas. He uses colors and the abstraction of forms as the main tool of his artistic proposal.

Past Event


March 4th 2023

Motivated by natural processes, land art, reticulation and
movement, his most recent body of work predominately
experiments with Relief and Monotype Printing techniques using a limited pallet. He attempts to manipulate surface and texture to reshape and reinvent landscape, while
encouraging chance in the work

Past event

The Journey of Hope

May 4th 2024

In “The Journey of Hope,” self-taught artist Sandy Garcia invites viewers on an intimate exploration of the human experience. Through her expressive Folk Art, Sandy communicates raw emotions, spirituality, and the interconnectedness of our stories. Each stroke of her paintbrush weaves a narrative, capturing both beauty and profound meaning.

Past Event

Beyond Skin Deep

February 3rd 2024

Ahmad Shariff Art Gallery is Celebrating Black History Month with Domonique Brown
February is Black History Month, a time to honor the achievements and contributions of African Americans in various fields of art, culture, and society. This year, we are thrilled to announce that our gallery will be hosting a solo exhibit featuring the work of Domonique Brown.

Past Event

Beneath the Surface

November 4th 2023

Are you ready to dive into the sea of art? Join us at Ahmad Shariff Art Gallery for the premiere of Beneath the Surface, a solo exhibition by Jenny Trauger, featuring her stunning seascape oil paintings. You will be amazed by the beauty, mystery, and power of the ocean as captured by Trauger’s realistic and expressive style. Don’t miss this chance to meet the artist and learn more about her artistic journey and vision.

Past Event

Bentson X Bentley

August 5th 2023

As collaborating artists, Andrew and Gorman challenge one another to push through the boundaries of their own world views in order to create bolder, more meaningful work on canvas.”

Past Event

A Brush with Nature

May 6th 2023

Come see her stunning artwork, which captures the beauty of our local surroundings in breathtaking detail. We’re thrilled to celebrate the natural world and the creative talent of our local artists. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind exhibition!

Past Event

KISS Collection

February 4th 2023

A kiss and kisses act as expressions of affection, love, passion, romance, greeting, friendship, and more. In some cultures and situations, a kiss is a ritual, a symbolic gesture that can even be considered a devotion or act of respect and value. Red and Black India ink on poetry book pages adhered to canvas.

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