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The Through Road

107 Harvard Avenue North, Claremont, CA, USA

July 6th 2024

"The Through Road"
Navigating Chaos and Vitality

About the Exhibit:
In The Through Road, Rebecca Hamm presents paintings selected from works that began on the occurrence of the 2020 global pandemic, when societal systems fell, merged and were reinvented. Hamm translated this chaotic vigor, and observations of the vitality of the natural world, into paintings that intentionally sought irrational steps toward more internal references. In retrospect, they were connectors during that time, and now, continue to move forward with right of way, allowing both ingress and egress, like a through road.

Retrospectively, these paintings served as connectors during that challenging period. Now, they continue to move forward, asserting their right of way. Like a through road, they allow both ingress and egress—an invitation to explore the interplay of chaos and resilience.

Alcove Showcase: Emerging Talents
In addition to Rebecca Hamm’s solo exhibition, we’re thrilled to feature three of her recent painting students in an Alcove Showcase. Don’t miss the exciting works by Meg Lee, Aedylaine Santos, and Shelby Rubalcava.

Join us at the Ahmad Shariff Art Gallery to experience the transformative journey of ‘The Through Road’ and celebrate the creative spirit!

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