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This is a Mighty Room

107 Harvard Avenue North, Claremont, CA 91711, USA

September 2nd 2023

Brittany Kiertzner is a mixed media and fiber artist from Southern California. Kiertzner sources materials for her work by collecting and using waste yarn, embroidery cotton and fabric. Her medium appears as a slow and structured progression in abstraction and contemporary impressionism. This contrast—between feeling and premeditation, impulse and planned handiwork—is central to her work. Kiertzner's original work nods to painters such as Cuno Amit and Sue Collier and fiber artists such as Carmen Mardonez and Regina de Jimenez. Textures and chaotic organic shapes that morph into landscape forms populate her body of work as fibers are interwoven, layered and appear to be in transforming states.

Kiertzner seldom uses photographic references or drawings but works directly from memory and feeling. Themes Kiertzner discusses center on authenticity versus the use of Artificial Intelligence and reproducibility.

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