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"Every stroke, every brush, every thought, and every effort carries a limitless potential to improve and enrich"

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In 2011, Ahmad's return to the US marked the end of his nearly three-year service in the Department of Defense in Iraq, a period that left him with a major back injury. Despite enduring multiple surgeries, Ahmad found solace in the arts, rekindling his passion for painting. Growing up in Beirut, Lebanon during its own violent civil war and traveling internationally has exposed Ahmad to unimaginable suffering, devastation, and loss. Despite these experiences, Ahmad's paintings are characterized by an unbridled sense of hope and optimism for better days, a theme that permeates his work. His paintings, created using acrylics, India ink, oil, and watercolors, are a reflection of the full range of human emotions, captured on a variety of mediums ranging from canvases, wood panels, watercolor paper, and vintage book pages. Ahmad's art is heavily influenced by his time at the prestigious Institute of Art in Lebanon, where he studied Art and Interior Architecture, which is evident in the unmistakable style and quality of his work.

Ahmad's talent as a graphic artist has spanned more than two decades in Los Angeles, California. His unique style transcends barriers and movements, inspiring thought, provocation, and appreciation among his viewers. Through his work, Ahmad has demonstrated a remarkable ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, communicating his ideas in a way that is both engaging and thought-provoking. His years of experience as a graphic artist have honed his skills and refined his approach, resulting in an unmistakable style that distinguishes him as a true master of his craft. 

Living out one's passion is a true privilege, and I am incredibly honored to be able to share my artistic vision with others. The love and support that surrounds me is a constant source of motivation and fulfillment. As an artist, my aspiration is to translate these touchpoints into visual imagery that can transport my audience to new worlds of escape, journey, and fantasy. To dream of a better world is the ultimate experience for an artist, and to capture such a place on canvas is to offer a glimpse of hope.


India Ink Mixed-Media

24 x 24 Inches


India Ink Mixed-Media

24 x 24 Inches


India Ink Mixed-Media

24 x 24

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