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"Cultures and experiences are my inspiration, and Graphic Cubism is my means of expressing them to the world through color and shape."

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2020 Painting Popular Choice. Made in California Juried Exhibition - Los Angeles, CA

2016 Best Quality Culture and Creative Award - Nanjing, China

2016 Wynwood Art District Juried Show 2nd Place Painting - Miami, FL

Leonardo Moleiro has developed his artistic career from an early age. He uses art as a form of expression and a means to communicate through a canvas. He uses colors and the abstraction of forms as the main tool of his artistic proposal.

He grew up among seven women, a fact that clearly influences his work, where you can appreciate the female figure as the main character. Through their forms, they invite the viewer to discover them, to think about them, and to enjoy their cheerful colors.

Moleiro defines himself as a graphic cubist and calls his style "Graphic Cubism", which is nothing more than the mixture of forms, his color palette, space management and composition with graphic treatment-inherited from graphic design in advertising.

Born June 1, 1972 in Caracas, Venezuela, from a very young age Leonardo was always interested in music and the visual arts. Following his passion for the arts he decided to pursue a career in art and advertising. He studied art, graphic design, advertising, and sociology. He has managed to share very well his artistic profession with the advertising creative director career, which led him to work in countries such as: Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, USA, and Venezuela. He has won prizes and international recognition in the fields of art and advertising. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California, USA.


Acrylic on Canvas

23x23x2 Inches


Acrylic on Canvas

23x23x2 Inches


Acrylic on Canvas

23x23x2 inches

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