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“I create to stimulate. I use different media and techniques to express my vision of the world, blending surrealism, expressionism, and street art. I invite the audience to interpret my works in their own way, and to feel the emotions and thoughts that I put into them.” - Pablo Damas

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Nationally Known

Works on Commission

Pablo Damas is a contemporary artist from Hollywood, California, who creates surreal and expressive paintings using acrylic, graphite, and charcoal. He started his artistic journey as a child, copying the covers of Disney movies, and later attended the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. He has worked as a freelance graphic/apparel designer, tattoo artist, and exhibited his works in various shows across California and the country. His paintings blend surrealism, expressionism, and street art, and explore themes such as identity, perception, and reality. He invites the audience to interpret his works in their own way, and aims to stimulate their thoughts and emotions. Pablo Damas is a talented and versatile artist who is always learning and adapting to the changes in the art world.


Mixed media on Canvas

36 x 36 x 2 inches


Mixed media on Canvas

36 x 36 x 2 inches


Mixed media, acrylic on canvas.

30X40X.5 inches

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