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NEIFA COSENZA: Art as a Mirror – A Personal Journey of Culture and Faith

Neifa Cosenza Art

In the world of mixed media art, Neifa Cosenza has carved a niche for herself with her unique blend of experience in fashion, art, and home decor. Born in Neiva, Colombia, she now calls California her home and is a celebrated artist at the Claremont Art Gallery. 

Her work, deeply rooted in her Latina heritage and spirituality, mirrors her life, culture, and faith. Let’s get to know more about Neifa Cosenza and her amazing art story.

The Journey of Neifa Cosenza

Neifa Cosenza's journey from Neiva to the Claremont Art Gallery is marked by resilience, passion, and a deep love for art. Her diverse background in fashion, art, and home decor has shaped her approach to her creations. As a mixed media artist, she combines different materials and techniques to create rich pieces of texture and depth.

Mixed Media Art: An Expression of Life

Neifa Cosenza Art Journey

Mixed media art provides artists with a canvas to explore and express their creativity without boundaries. For Cosenza, it serves as a medium to reflect on her life, experiences, and faith. Each piece she creates is imbued with her personal journey and her spiritual beliefs. Let's explore the world of mixed media art and its various expressions of life:

Diversity in Materials

This type of art is unique, allowing artists to use various materials in one piece. This could include anything from paper, fabric, and wood to found objects. The diversity in materials often adds depth and dimension to the artwork.

Freedom of Expression

This art form does not confine artists to a particular style or technique. It encourages experimentation and exploration, allowing artists to express their thoughts, ideas, and emotions in several ways.


This art form can be a powerful medium for storytelling. Artists often use different elements to convey a narrative, share personal experiences, or comment on social, cultural, or political issues.


Some mixed media artworks invite viewer participation, making them interactive. This could involve physically engaging with the artwork or interpreting its various components.

Therapeutic Benefits

Creating mixed media art can be therapeutic. It provides a creative outlet for people to express their feelings and experiences, which can help promote mental and emotional well-being.


This type of artwork pushes the boundaries of traditional art forms. By combining different materials and techniques, artists can create innovative and unique pieces that challenge conventional art norms.


One of the beautiful aspects of mixed media art is its accessibility. With no strict rules about materials or techniques, anyone can try creating it.

The Claremont Art Gallery Exhibition

Currently, Cosenza's work is showcased at the Claremont Art Gallery. This exhibition is a testament to her talent and the evolution of her craft. It allows art enthusiasts to immerse themselves in her world, experiencing firsthand the depth and breadth of her talent as a mixed media artist.

The Power of Faith in Art

Faith plays a prominent role in Cosenza's work. Her spiritual beliefs are not just a source of inspiration but also a guiding force in her artistic journey. Her pieces express her love for God and her gratitude for His blessings. They serve as a reminder of the transformative power of faith and the possibility of finding beauty even in life's darkest moments. Let's dive deeper into the power of faith in art:

Transformation and Empathy

Both faith and art have transformative powers. They can change our hearts, foster empathy, and help us see the world differently.

Embodying Emotions and Devotion

Religious artworks often capture the emotions tied to faith, such as devotion, despair, hope, love, and surrender. This strengthens the connection between the viewer and the divine.

Inspiration and Determination

Artists like Faith Ringgold show how faith can fuel determination and inspire creativity, even in the face of challenges.

Self-expression and Spirituality

The integration of faith in modern art has introduced a new dimension of creativity, self-expression, and spirituality.

Imagination and Hope

Art cultivates the ability to imagine a future, transcending the present moment. This is inherently hopeful.

Creativity and Inspiration

The arts and the gospel can provide creativity and inspiration, helping individuals find their way.

Comfort and Challenge

Engaging with works of art can offer comfort and peace but also feelings of unease and challenge. It invites us to an encounter.

Glorifying God and Serving Humanity

Artists can glorify God and serve humanity by pursuing their talents to their fullest extent.

Evoking Deep Emotions

Images of Christ and other religious figures can evoke deep emotions and stir the soul, connecting believers with their faith on a profound level.

Cross-Cultural Connection

Artists like Makoto Fujimura discover Christian meaning in ancient practices, creating a cross-cultural connection through art.

Experience Neifa Consenza at Ahmad Shariff Art Gallery

Neifa Cosenza's journey as a mixed media artist is a testament to the power of faith, the richness of culture, and the resilience of the human spirit. Her work, proudly displayed at the Claremont Art Gallery, invites us on a journey of exploration and discovery, allowing us to experience the world through her eyes. To know more about Neifa Cosenza and all the artists of Ahmad Shariff Art Gallery, Contact Us Today!

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