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Outsmart the Competition and Make a Difference With Your Artwork

Updated: Mar 7

Being a creative can be both frustrating and rewarding. While it's satisfying to see your work come to life, getting it discovered can be challenging. In this post, courtesy of Ahmad Shariff Art Gallery, we discuss effective strategies and techniques to help creatives gain the recognition they deserve.

Form a Bonafide Business

One of the most powerful strategies to get your work discovered is to start your own business. This could be in the form of a creative agency, design studio, or any other venture that aligns with your creative strengths. Forming an LLC in California through ZenBusiness offers artists significant benefits like limited liability protection, safeguarding personal assets from business debts, and tax advantages. LLCs require less paperwork and provide flexibility in management, making them an attractive option for artists.

Host Your Own Event

Very Private Gallery notes that another effective strategy for artists to gain recognition is by hosting their own event or showcase. This approach not only generates buzz but also attracts new and diverse audiences, broadening your reach. Collaborating with other creatives or partnering with local business owners can amplify this effect, creating a mutually beneficial promotion platform. Additionally, hosting your event allows you to control the narrative and presentation of your work, ensuring it aligns with your artistic vision.

Pitch Your Ideas to Publishing or Media Outlets

Pitching your ideas to publishing or media outlets can help you promote your work to a wider audience. You can pitch guest posts, interviews, or magazine features. However, you must research the outlet to ensure that your ideas are a good fit and become a valuable resource. Creating a personalized pitch with a tailored message that fits their editorial calendar is critical, and make sure to follow up with a thank you note sending along your work.

Offer Your Services to Charity Events

Offering your services for charity auctions or events serves dual purposes: it's a philanthropic gesture and a strategic move for gaining exposure. ArtBusiness highlights how such events can introduce your work to an audience that might not have discovered you otherwise.


Additionally, the media promotion surrounding these events can provide valuable coverage, further amplifying your reach. Participating in charity events can also lead to networking opportunities with potential patrons and collaborators who value social responsibility. Moreover, this involvement often brings a sense of personal fulfillment, reinforcing the positive impact of your artistic contributions within the community.

Prioritize Networking

As with any business, networking is a pillar of success, and there are several ways to do so. For example, if you're looking to reconnect with old friends and acquaintances who could assist in launching your business, consider using a search engine to locate former high school classmates from Los Angeles and nearby regions. Input relevant details such as their names, the year of graduation, and the school they attended. This will yield prompt results, providing avenues to re-establish contact with those you knew in the past.


Attending networking events is also a great way to meet other creatives, clients, and businesses that can help get your work discovered. You can attend conferences, industry events, or even professional associations specific to your niche. It's essential to have business cards and a unique introduction pitch to set you apart.

Market Your Business

Effectively marketing yourself is crucial in the art world. Establishing a robust online presence is key, starting with a professional website, perhaps using platforms like Wix to showcase your portfolio. Active engagement on social media platforms like Instagram helps connect with potential clients and fans, allowing for direct audience interaction and building personal connections. This fosters loyalty and interest in your work. Consistency in branding across all platforms, including your website and social media, ensures your artistic identity is clear and memorable.


Moreover, leveraging email marketing tools like Constant Contact can be a powerful strategy to keep your audience engaged. Regular updates, new artwork reveals, and exclusive behind-the-scenes content create a compelling narrative around your art, turning casual viewers into committed supporters.


Create a Multi-Purpose Room at Home

A multi-purpose room at home is a smart investment that can provide you with a dedicated workspace to focus on your projects. It can also increase the value of your home when it comes time to sell; just remember to save your receipts for the update and take before and after photos to show proof of your project. This versatile space is tailored to your needs and allows you to work on your projects with ease.

Create a Press Kit

Creating a press kit is an effective way to professionally present your work, story, and achievements to the media and potential collaborators. Your kit should include a compelling bio, examples from your portfolio, testimonials, links to media coverage, and high-resolution photos. Ensuring that your press kit is easily accessible on your website is crucial for visibility. Additionally, regularly updating your press kit with your latest work and accomplishments keeps it current and relevant. Including a well-crafted artist statement in the kit can also provide insight into your creative process and philosophy, further engaging your audience and potential patrons.

Get Involved in Local Art Events

Empty Easel emphasizes the benefits of participating in local art festivals or fairs for artists aiming to get

their work noticed. These events provide a platform to showcase your art, enabling you to connect with fellow artists, encounter potential clients, and receive valuable feedback.


They also offer opportunities to engage with editors, curators, and other influential creatives who can help elevate your work's visibility. Additionally, these gatherings often attract a diverse audience, broadening your exposure to different demographic groups and art enthusiasts. Establishing a presence at these events can also lead to future invitations to more exclusive art shows and collaborations, further expanding your professional network and reach in the art community.


Being a creative is an immense challenge, and getting your work discovered can seem like an uphill battle. By taking the right steps and strategies, you can greatly increase your chances of success. Starting your own business, hosting events or showcases, and getting involved in local art festivals or fairs are all excellent ways to get your work out there. Remember that creativity is a gift, and through practice, patience, and resilience, you can turn your passion into a thriving career.

Ahmad Shariff Art Gallery showcases both local and global artists, with a focus on contemporary, fine, abstract, landscape, and seascape art. Contact us today to learn more! 909-447-2316

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