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“Astonishment” - A Glimpse into the Unknown by Qais Al-Cindy

Qais Al-Cindy’s “Astonishment” is an evocative acrylic work on wood board that captures the essence of surprise and wonder. The painting features a figure with blurred facial features, creating a sense of mystery and anonymity. Painted in earthy browns with peach undertones, the figure stands out against a cool-toned backdrop of blues and greens.


The contrast of warm and cool colors adds depth to the piece, while the obscured identity invites viewers to project their own emotions onto the figure. Al-Cindy’s signature on the bottom right corner anchors the artwork in time and place, marking it as a significant creation from 2022. This piece is a testament to Al-Cindy’s ability to evoke intrigue and emotional response through expressive color and texture.


  • 27.5x27.5 inches

  • Acrylic on wooden board

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