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“Coyote Sings Year One” an abstract acrylic painting by Rebecca Hamm. Presented on a 48x36 inch gallery-wrapped canvas, this artwork bursts forth with vibrant vitality. The symphony begins—a dance of green, blue, red, and yellow hues intermingling in chaotic harmony.


Dynamic brushstrokes create movement, as if the canvas itself breathes. Contrasting strokes of white and black add depth and definition, revealing hidden layers beneath the surface. And there, atop the layered colors, ethereal pink floral motifs sway—a delicate celebration of nature’s resilience. But there’s more to this narrative. Hamm’s observations of nature begin these works, and Coyote is present as the founder of this painting.


Perhaps it’s a celebration of Coyote’s year one—a reflection on the passage of time, where vibrant chaos meets harmonious existence. This piece resonates emotionally, inviting viewers to explore their own interpretations. It’s a standout addition to any contemporary art collection, where the wild and the serene converge.

Coyote Sings Year One

  • Acrylic on Canvas

  • 48x36x1.5 inches

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