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This mixed media drawing is a whimsical portrayal of the artist’s partner’s alter ego as a rapper. The artist uses markers on watercolor paper to create a vibrant and eclectic composition that showcases Dante’s playful personality and style. Dante’s face is visible, revealing his eyes, nose, mouth, and grill. His hair is styled in a curly afro, adding texture and volume to the drawing. He wears a colorful and patterned shirt, a blue scarf, and a gold chain, reflecting his flair and confidence. He poses with his hand on his chin and his tongue out, expressing his humor and charisma. The background is dark with colorful abstract lines and shapes emanating from around Dante, creating an aura of energy and creativity. The drawing is adorned with floral motifs, adding an element of natural beauty and contrast to the contemporary style. The drawing conveys a sense of fun, imagination, and self-expression.


Domonique Brown is a contemporary pop artist from Pomona, California. She uses vibrant colors and bold strokes to create illustrations that celebrate diversity and empowerment. Her work has been featured in Forbes, LA Times, and Target, among others. She is also the founder of DomoINK, an art and decor brand that promotes inclusivity and positivity


  • 18x24 Inches


    Markers and Acrylic Paint on archival museum grade paper

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