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"Fight of Roosters in Orange" is a captivating series within the realm of avian combat. In the brutal world of roosters, dominance is achieved through vicious battles, mirroring the timeless struggle for power in human society. This visual narrative unveils the rarely seen spectacle of these magnificent birds locked in fierce combat, symbolizing the primal urge for survival and supremacy.


Drawing parallels to the grim sport of cockfighting, where victory comes at a devastating cost, the series confronts viewers with the harsh realities of conquest and its moral implications. Vibrantly colored roosters engage in intense, aggressive clashes, with the survivor symbolizing the ecstasy of triumph amidst a backdrop of carnage. As we contemplate the victims of these battles, "Clash of the Roosters" prompts reflection on the ethical dilemmas inherent in the pursuit of power. Through its vivid portrayal, the series serves as a poignant reminder of the primal forces that shape our world and the moral choices we face in its pursuit.

Fight of Roosters in Orange

  • 24x36 inches

  • oil on canvas

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