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La Guitarra con colores is a painting by Cezar Aguiar, also known as Cezzartt, that depicts a guitar in a geometric and pop art style. The painting shows a guitar composed of various shapes and patterns, such as circles, squares, triangles, and stripes, that create a sense of movement and rhythm. The painting uses bold and vivid colors to create a contrast and a visual impact, as well as to reflect the artist’s playful and creative personality. The painting also suggests a connection between music and art, as the guitar is both an object and a subject of expression. The painting invites the viewer to imagine the sound and the melody that the guitar can produce, as well as to appreciate the aesthetic and symbolic value of the instrument. La Guitarra con colores is a painting that explores the relationship between music and art.

La Guitarra Con Colores

  • 54x54 inches

  • Spray paint, oil, oil pastels, acrylic, and chalk on canvas

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