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The artwork was created by the contemporary pop graffiti artist :ShenShen210: using airbrush and mixed media. It is part of her Pop Iconography collection. The artwork features a close-up of Marilyn Monroe’s face, with her lips taking center stage. The use of mixed media and airbrush gives the piece a unique texture and depth, adding to its visual appeal. Colorful symbolism is incorporated with paint, and the color patterns shows through giving this piece unique character. The artwork is a striking example of pop art, a movement that emerged in the 1950s and 60s as a reaction against traditional art forms. Pop art often features images from popular culture, such as celebrities, advertisements, and comic books, and uses bold colors and graphic design elements to create visually striking pieces.

Marilyn Monroe - Splash of Sass

  • Mixed media on paper

  • 22 x 30 inches

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