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“Maternity” - An Abstract Celebration of Motherhood by Qais Al-Cindy

Qais Al-Cindy’s “Maternity” is a stirring abstract portrayal of motherhood, rendered in acrylic and oil on canvas. The central figure, suggestive of a mother cradling her child, is depicted with bold, impasto brushstrokes that lend the artwork a rich texture and depth. The color palette is a symphony of blues, whites, yellows, and greens, set against a darker backdrop that accentuates the warmth of the maternal embrace.


The exaggerated curves and forms of the mother figure evoke the roundness of pregnancy and the tenderness of holding an infant. Subtle patterns and objects within the composition, such as stars and fabric folds, add layers of complexity to the piece. “Maternity” captures the essence of motherly love through abstract forms and colors, inviting viewers to reflect on the emotions and experiences associated with motherhood.


  • 12x12 inches

  • Acrylic and oil on canvas

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