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This is a collage painting by Marina Yermakova Timm, a Russian-born LA-based artist who creates original and commercial works on paper. The painting is a combination of black, white, and red colors, and an assemblage of arbitrary shapes, shades and textures. The painting is a new complete whole, created by bringing unrelated elements together to produce a cohesive piece. The work is created from a photocopy linocut print and is inspired by the human drama and the absurdity of life, which are the main focus of the artist. The artist chose collage as her preferred medium because it feels like an open-ended puzzle or a balancing of objects. The artist is influenced by the Russian avant-garde and the Dadaist movement, whose aesthetic and polar opposite views on what art is and should be have long been a source of fascination for her.

Non Objective Concept/ Photocopy Linocut Print

  • 11X14 inches

  • Photocopy, linocut print on Strathmore printmaking paper

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