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This mixed media drawing captures a candid moment of connection and care between a woman and a man on a sunny Los Angeles day. The artist uses markers on watercolor paper to create a vibrant and lively composition that contrasts the warm tones of the foreground with the cool hues of the background. The woman’s intricate hair and patterned attire are rendered with meticulous detail, showcasing Brown’s adept skill in portraying texture and pattern. The man, relaxed and at ease, becomes a testament to the trust and intimacy shared between the two figures. The couch, adorned with colorful cushions and a floral blanket, adds a touch of comfort and coziness to the scene. The charming house in the backdrop stands as a silent witness to this intimate exchange, its muted tones contrasting beautifully with the vivid colors of the foreground. Every element within this piece converges to narrate a story of community, care, and the unspoken bonds that weave individuals together.


Domonique Brown is a contemporary pop artist from Pomona, California. She uses vibrant colors and bold strokes to create illustrations that celebrate diversity and empowerment. Her work has been featured in Forbes, LA Times, and Target, among others. She is also the founder of DomoINK, an art and decor brand that promotes inclusivity and positivity

Sidewalk Styling

  • 22x28 Inches


    Markers and Acrylic Paint on archival museum grade paper

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