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Strength, is one out of many painting in the series: Black, White or Gray.

In my project 'Black, White or Gray,' I delve into the concept of relativity. I argue that absolute truths are rare; instead, truths often lie in the gray areas between extremes. Through paintings ranging from bright white to solid black, I explore the nuances of gray. By using extreme colors, I aim to portray the essence of souls rather than mere appearances, emphasizing the complexity of human nature. Ultimately, I advocate for embracing differences and finding unity in diversity.


Here, The ox symbolizes strength and power in art, often depicted through its muscular build and steadfast demeanor. Across cultures, it represents resilience, hard work, and agricultural prosperity. In religious and mythological contexts, the ox embodies qualities of endurance, determination, and the ability to overcome challenges with unwavering resolve.


  • 18X23 inches

  • Oil, charcoal, and collage on paper

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