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The body of work describes the physical presence of Indigenous women shaping the future.  Kiertzner depicts the symbols of not only of their struggles but also their emotional endurance through inclusion of portals of release. The optical mixing of fiber as brushstrokes echo the inevitable social pressures and work to illustrate the creation emerging from disintegration and impermanence. Here, artist's palette becomes a conduit, painting a picture where the cycles of loss and renewal that are mirrored both in the human journey and the eternal dance of the Earth.


Brittany Kiertzner explores critical materials that reframe her personal history into a contemporary context. Through a dynamic interplay of woven and stitched threads, her work is influenced by traditional Mohawk Iroquois splint basket making, embroidery and bead work. She investigates themes of regeneration, authenticity and subversion of materials through synthesizing the past.


Summon/ Iekhe:nonks

  • 48X36X3 inches

  • Acrylic, silk and Cotton Embroidery fiber, yarn, on canvas

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