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“The Old Sailor” - A Voyage of Color and Memory by Qais Al-Cindy

Qais Al-Cindy’s “The Old Sailor” is an abstract exploration of the sea’s timeless narrative, rendered in acrylic and oil on canvas. The vibrant strokes of blue, yellow, brown, and white merge to form a figure that evokes the rugged spirit of a sailor. The composition’s abstracted elements suggest traditional maritime attire and the vastness of the ocean. This dynamic use of color and texture conveys the essence of the sailor’s life—adventure, solitude, and the constant dance with the elements. Al-Cindy’s work invites viewers to delve into the depths of the painting, uncovering stories of the sea and the souls who navigate its waters.

The Old Sailor

  • 12x12 inches

  • Acrylic and oil on canvas

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