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This etherreal painting consists of many shadowy layers, added and subtracted.  The process echos our own memories and the emotions they evoke.   The neutral pallet of grays allows the viewer to color their own memories and the feeling that come from them.  The color gray is often considered neutral and versatile, allowing viewers to project their own memories and emotions onto it. Its lack of strong hue or saturation provides a blank canvas for interpretation. When people see gray, they may associate it with various experiences, moods, or memories, which can be influenced by cultural, personal, or environmental factors. For example, a gray sky might evoke feelings of melancholy for some, while for others, it may bring to mind memories of a cozy rainy day indoors. Gray's ambiguity and neutrality enable viewers to draw upon their own unique perceptions and recollections, making it a color that can be both evocative and open to personal interpretation.

Untitled 10

  • Acrylic on canvas

  • 48X48X1.5 inches

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