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In this enigmatic composition, the artist delves into the interplay between light and darkness, echoing the complexities of perception in life. The canvas becomes a stage where opposing forces collide, leaving viewers to question which dominates: the dark or the light?

Black paint, like shadows cast by life’s uncertainties, drips and swirls across the canvas. It is both a void and a presence—an absence that paradoxically defines space. The drips evoke fleeting moments, like ink spilled on a forgotten page. They trace the contours of hidden emotions, memories, and secrets.


Amidst the darkness, subtle hints of light emerge. Perhaps they represent hope, resilience, or the fragile threads that connect us all. These luminous specks defy the blackness, inviting contemplation. Is it a beacon of clarity or an illusion? The viewer’s perception becomes integral to unraveling this mystery.


As you stand before “Duality of Shadows,” consider your own perspective. Does the darkness engulf you, or do you seek solace in those glimmers of light? The canvas invites introspection—a vessel for individual interpretations in a world where perception is as diverse as humanity itself.

Untitled (Duality of Shadows)

  • Mixed media on canvas.

  • 60X36X1 inches

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