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In creating this piece, I intentionally detached myself from preconceived notions. My brush moved freely, guided solely by the whispers of the soul and the quiet nudges of intuition. The canvas became a dance floor for emotions, where colors swirled and collided, giving birth to something beyond form and structure. “Soul’s Intuition” captures that delicate balance between intention and surrender, where the artist becomes both vessel and witness to the unfolding magic.

The composition is a symphony of textures—a patchwork of torn paper, delicate lace, and bold strokes of acrylic. Layers overlap, revealing glimpses of hidden stories—the echo of forgotten dreams, the ache of unspoken words. The palette is both muted and vibrant: dusky blues fading into soft grays, fiery reds dancing with whispers of gold. Each element carries its own weight, yet together they harmonize—a chorus of vulnerability and resilience.


As you gaze upon “Soul’s Intuition,” allow yourself to step beyond the visible. Feel the pulse of creation—the heartbeat of uncertainty and possibility. It invites you to release expectations, to surrender control, and to embrace the beauty that emerges when we let go. This painting is an invitation—to explore, to question, and to find solace in the spaces between brushstrokes.

Untitled (Soul’s Intuition)

  • Mixed media on canvas.

  • 23X30X1.5 inches

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