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In this captivating mixed media abstract, the artist explores the concept of vessels as both physical containers and carriers of deeper meaning. The canvas becomes a metaphorical vessel itself, holding layers of emotion, life, and even mortality.


The bold strokes and intricate textures represent the complexity of human experience. Words emerge from the chaos, woven into the fabric of the composition. These words are more than mere symbols; they are vessels too—carrying memories, hopes, and the weight of existence.

The interplay of colors—rich blues, fiery reds, and muted grays—suggests a journey through emotional landscapes. Some areas are vibrant and alive, while others appear weathered and worn. The canvas becomes a vessel for catharsis, allowing viewers to pour their own emotions into its depths.


As you gaze upon this abstract masterpiece, consider the vessels within you—the stories you carry, the feelings you harbor. Each brushstroke is an invitation to explore your own inner vessels and discover what they hold.

Untitled (Vessels of Emotion)

  • Mixed media on canvas.

  • 23X23X1.5 inches

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