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I apologize for the mistake. Here is the corrected description in the third person:

Sandy Garcia is a self-taught artist who uses the paintbrush as her form of communication to express her raw, impressionable Folk Art. Her works of art are spiritual, with a human connection that tells individual stories and evokes emotions. Each painted face is a unique expression that captures beauty and powerful meaning, sometimes accompanied by an occasional crow. She sees herself as a storyteller, using her inside voice to convey the essence of her experiences and cultural influences. Her imperfections are intentional, as they add a raw and authentic quality to her works that can be read by others. Ultimately, her goal is to create art that inspires, connects and enriches the lives of those who experience it.

Her preferred medium is acrylic on canvas, which allows her to express her bold and vibrant style. However, she also enjoys experimenting with mixed media on various surfaces, which adds an element of surprise and texture to her pieces. Some of her most unique works have been exhibited on 8-foot tin roof panels, which were displayed at the prestigious Sam and Alfreda Maloof Foundation for Arts and Crafts during their “Garden Exhibit”. These pieces were a testament to her artistic versatility and ability to create impactful works of art on unconventional surfaces.

You Never Know Who’s Watching

  • Acrylic on canvas.

  • 20X24X.5 inches

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