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The Sasse Museum of Art is a gathering place to celebrate the inspiring and transformative power

of arts and culture and to expand our understanding of ourselves and the world.


In the realm of contemporary art, three distinct exhibitions at the Sasse Museum of Art in downtown Pomona, CA, offer viewers a multifaceted journey into the depths of human experience and creativity. “I Am Alive, a Breath, a Trail” by Brittany Kiertzner, “The Way In” by Jackie Leishman, and “Shadow Notes” by John Woodcock each carve out their own space within the art world, inviting audiences to explore themes of identity, perception, and reinvention.



 Curated by:  Ahmad Shariff

"Shadow Notes," is a collection of Monoprints that explores the intricate relationship between surface, texture, and the reinvention of landscape. It attempts to tap into a language that resonates with notes of familiarity while embracing the infinite possibilities of reinvention. Within the process of monotype printmaking each print leaves behind a ghost image that informs the next - a visual narrative of continuity and evolution. The pieces in Shadow Notes are selections of that process.

Printmaking is process of perpetual creation and destruction, a way to create new worlds, explore visual narratives and return to the most primal elements—life and death, black and white, purity and absence. Monotype printmaking, with its tactile nature and inherent unpredictability, offers a sanctuary from the noise of the everyday world and an escape for the artist.

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"My work centers on authenticity versus the use of Artificial Intelligence and reproducibility.
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