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“My monoprints explore nature and art, landscape and light, chance and beauty. I use a limited palette and various techniques to create expressive images. I have traveled and taught around the world, learning from different cultures and media.” - John Woodcock, Visual Artist

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Nationally Known

Works on Commission

Visual artist John Woodcock lives and works in Southern California. He studied Contemporary Fine Art at Northumbria University, Newcastle, United Kingdom with a focus in Printmaking. He works from a home studio and areas of natural interest. He has exhibited globally and locally around Southern California.

Motivated by natural processes, land art, reticulation and movement, his most recent body of work predominantly experiments with Relief and Monotype Printing techniques using a limited palette. He attempts to manipulate surface and texture to reshape and reinvent landscape, while encouraging chance in the work. Using a restrictive pallet allows him to return to the most basic elements – light and dark, life and death, purity and absence.

After completing a Bachelors in Fine Art at Northumbria University in the United Kingdom he was selected for a year long fellowship within the Universities printmaking department. Here he aided with workshops teaching Etching, Screen Printing and Relief Print techniques and continued his own personal practice in print, video and sound with a focus on abstraction and process.

Bored and eager to explore the world post university he taught English in South Korea and Australia for four years. He used this opportunity to introduce Art into English lessons and held printmaking classes for elementary school students in South Korea drawing together creativeness and inspiring learning of the English language. He travelled globally, always with a sketchbook and camera in hand developing an intelligent curiosity into documentation through hand made books and print.


Monotype Print on Pewter Canson Board. Museum glass frame

55X51 Inches


Arches Watercolor Paper

55X51 Inches


Arches Watercolor Paper

Framed - 17 x 21 Unframed 10.5 x 15

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