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Qais Al-Sindy

Through my colors, I protest against the world’s brutality that causes people’s agony, tension, and suffering. In my arbitrary approach in art, I aim to bring one closer to the actual human experience. We are human, and nothing is more interesting to us than humanity. In my art, I leave traces of what I’ve created.” — Qais Al-Cindy

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Nationally Known

Works on Commission

In my artistic practice, I engage with critical and ironic perspectives on social and cultural issues, aiming to communicate messages that unravel intricacies from our daily lives and memories. Drawing inspiration from a lifetime of experiences, I deconstruct these elements to synthesize new shapes, thoughts, and ideas. As a visionary artist aspiring for a better life and healthier cities, my work is infused with personal dreams and a commitment to creating the optimal atmosphere for existence.

My artworks serve as a narrative anchor, weaving stories that become integral to the historical tapestry of communities and capturing the boundless nuances of life. Embracing the role of an expressionist artist, I draw thematic inspiration from stories, tales, and poems, delving into the essential conditions of human experience — navigating the realities and rituals surrounding desire, fear, and hope.

The figures within my paintings embody a waves of woe or repose in meditation, reflecting the diverse facets of the human experience. Through my art, I articulate the collective yearning for stability and safety, offering visual narratives that resonate with humanity's shared aspirations. Ultimately, the conceptual undertones in my canvases are born out of contemplations on the contentious issues confronting our planet, our beloved Mother Earth.


Acrylic and oil on canvas

12X12X1.5 Inches


Acrylic and oil on canvas

12X12X1.5 Inches


Acrylic and oil on canvas

12X12X1.5 Inches

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