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“I paint to spread the message of love; to add color to a world often seen only in shades of gray. I hope that by seeing my work, others will be inspired to live their own lives creatively, as I have had the amazing opportunity to do. Painting is a very important part of living an abundant life for me, as John 10:10 is my life verse.”

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Participated in group and solo exhibitions in art museums and galleries throughout Southern California.

Nationally Known

:ShenShen210: is best known for her soulful portraits over the course of almost four decades. As a vanguard graffiti artist, Shen continually elevates her signature style, bringing the street art medium to galleries, mural projects in public spaces, and private commissions across the globe. Her unique aerosol art captures the heart and spirit of her subjects in ways that engage, move, and inspire.

Now living in Spring, Texas with her husband and two of their eight children, the artist exhibits her work in galleries and museum exhibitions across the country.


Mixed media on Wood panel

24 X 30 X 2 inches

Taylor Swift Wildest Dreams

Mixed Media on paper

24 X 30 X 2 inches

Marilyn Monroe Splash of Sass

Mixed Media on paper

22 X 30 inches

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