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Exploring Textile Art: A Conversation with Brittany Kiertzner on Fiber Talk Podcast

Updated: Mar 27

Welcome back to another episode of Fiber Talk, where we dive into the world of needlework artistry. In this episode, hosts Gary Parr and Beth Elliot are joined by the talented artist Brittany Kiertzner of Brittany Kiertzner Fine Art. Together, they explore Brittany's unique approach to abstract textile art, discussing her background, creative process, and the intriguing materials she employs in her work.

Formal Art Training and Early Influences: Brittany shares insights into her artistic journey, revealing a mix of formal art training and innate artistic talent. With a Fine Art degree from Cal State Fullerton and early exposure to traditional crafts like embroidery, Brittany's artistic roots run deep. Her family, particularly her Mohawk Iroquois heritage, has significantly influenced her interest in craft and traditional materials.

Early Years of Artistic Exploration: From childhood drawings and early embroidery projects guided by her grandparents, Brittany's artistic journey has been a lifelong exploration. Her mother, though not crafty herself, supported Brittany's creative endeavors. The rich history of Mohawk basket weaving and traditional crafts in her family added another layer to her artistic identity.

Transition to Abstract Textile Art: Brittany's art education and continuous exploration led her to become a mixed-media artist with a focus on abstract textile art. While her formal training included painting and drawing, Brittany's interest in exploring unconventional materials and creating abstract forms became a defining aspect of her work.

Creative Process and Materials: The hosts delve into Brittany's creative process, discovering that she often works on multiple projects simultaneously. Whether creating abstract textile art or detailed line drawings, Brittany's process is rooted in spontaneity and intuition. The conversation also touches on the variety of materials she uses, including cotton and silk embroidery thread, yarn, wax cord, repurposed fabrics, and even wire.

Challenges and Physicality in Art Making: As the discussion unfolds, Brittany highlights the physicality of her artistic practice. Standing and moving around her studio, she finds a rhythmic connection between her movements and the creation of her art. The hosts explore the challenges, including the intricate process of dealing with knots in embroidery thread and the careful handling of various materials.

Gallery Representation and Exhibitions: Brittany talks about her gallery representation at Ahmad Shariff Gallery in Claremont, California, and her recent solo exhibition. She also discusses her participation in group exhibitions, emphasizing the importance of community support and the thriving art scene in Claremont. She is also a member of the prestigious Textile Arts Los Angeles group and the Surface Design Association.

Artistic Evolution and Originality: The conversation concludes with a glimpse into Brittany's artistic future. While she acknowledges that her work may evolve slightly, she emphasizes the consistent presence of her artistic voice. Brittany's commitment to creating solely original pieces adds a unique dimension to her work, challenging the boundaries between traditional craft and fine art.

Conclusion: Join us in appreciating the innovative and captivating world of abstract textile art through the lens of Brittany Kiertzner. As she continues to push the boundaries of her creative expression, Brittany's journey serves as an inspiring exploration of materials, tradition, and the ever-evolving nature of art.

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