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In a painting dominated by vibrant summer color, the landscape unfolds with a captivating display of chaotic forms that invite the imagination to roam freely. The landscape stretches like an endless tapestry, adorned with streaks of red, yellow and hints of blue evoking a sense of both mystery and calm. Towering floral forms rise dramatically from the earth, their jagged silhouettes bathed in deep purple shadows, while splashes of cerulean and ultramarine suggest the play of light on rugged terrain.


As a native to Southern California's Inland Empire, the Claremont village has served as a source of inspiration for Kiertzner’s work. As a New England-style university town with pedestrian-friendly tree-lined streets, and an east coast ambiance, the area has a rich artistic history of fiber artists stemming from the arts and crafts movement rooted in California's citrus industry. Kiertzner follows suit as she connect with exterior spaces that store internal memories of exploration, discovery, and awe. 


A Sweet Oasis

  • Oil on canvas

  • 36X36X1.5 inches

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