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Ahmad Shariff Curates The Sasse Museum of Art! March - April, 2024

Exhibitions curated by Ahmad Shariff

including "I Am Alive, a Breath, a Trail," "The Way In," and "Shadow Notes"

Reception Opening: March 17th, 2-4pm

Sasse Museum of Art

300-A South Thomas Street (Basement), Pomona CA 91766

As a curator, I find immense joy in showcasing local artists that are exploring unique mediums to discuss important social issues. This March and April, the Sasse Museum of Art in downtown Pomona, CA, becomes my canvas—a space where emotions collide, perceptions shift, and introspection blooms. Allow me to guide you through three remarkable exhibitions, each a universe unto itself:

In the realm of contemporary art, three distinct exhibitions at the Sasse Museum of Art offers viewers a multifaceted journey into the depths of human experience and creativity. “I Am Alive, a Breath, a Trail” by Brittany Kiertzner, “The Way In” by Jackie Leishman, and “Shadow Notes” by John Woodcock each carve out their own space within the contemporary art world, inviting audiences to explore themes of identity, perception, and reinvention.

Exhibition footage of the Sasse Museum of Art


"I Am Alive, a Breath, a Trail"

In Brittany Kiertzner's exhibition, "I Am Alive, a Breath, a Trail," viewers can weigh the experience of indigenous vulnerability. Through her intricate sculptures and woven panels, Kiertzner delves into the dichotomy of life and death, particularly focusing on the resilience of Indigenous women. The exhibition serves as a poignant reminder of the strength and tenacity required to persist amidst adversity.



"The Way In"

In "The Way In", Jackie Leishman offers a unique perspective on the collage medium, challenging viewers to explore the spaces between different modes of expression. Through layers of photography, painting, drawing, and printmaking, Leishman creates a dialogue between feeling and seeing, inviting audiences to reflect on their own perception and emotion.



"Shadow Notes"

Adding to the richness of the artistic landscape is "Shadow Notes" by John Woodcock, an exhibition of monoprints that explore the reinvention of landscape. Through the process of monotype printmaking, Woodcock creates a visual narrative of continuity and evolution, tapping into notes of familiarity while embracing infinite possibilities. Printmaking becomes a sanctuary from the noise of the everyday world, offering an escape for the artist and viewers alike.



Altogether, these exhibitions invite audiences to explore the complexities of the human experience. As viewers immerse themselves in the artistry of Kiertzner, Leishman, and Woodcock, they are encouraged to confront societal issues, challenge perceptions, and embrace the infinite possibilities of reinvention. Through their respective mediums, these artists offer a glimpse into the interconnectedness of our shared humanity, inspiring reflection, empathy, and understanding.

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