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The Art and Life of Ahmad Shariff

Ahmad Shariff Art

From gunfire to paintings.

Ahmad Shariff, the prizewinning artist, has a remarkable journey that exemplifies the transformative power of creativity and resilience. Let’s delve into his background and explore his contemporary and hopeful art style:

His Background: How It All Started

Ahmad Shariff’s journey as an artist is a testament to the transformative power of creativity and resilience in adversity.

Born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon, Ahmad witnessed the tumultuous backdrop of the city’s civil war, leaving an indelible mark on his artistic sensibilities. However, his experiences, including service in the Department of Defense in Iraq, became a turning point in his life.

In 2011, Ahmad returned to the United States after nearly three years of service in Iraq, during which he sustained a significant back injury. Despite enduring significant physical challenges due to a back injury sustained during his service, Ahmad found renewed purpose in art.

Ahmad Shariff Life

Painting His Name as an Artist

Ahmad’s dedication to honing his craft and pushing creative boundaries is evident. With a background in Art and Interior Architecture from the prestigious Institute of Art in Lebanon, his exceptional style shines through.

Beyond painting, Ahmad has made a name for himself as a graphic artist in Los Angeles, connecting with audiences through his unique voice.

Ahmad’s Contemporary and Hopeful Art Style

At the core of Ahmad’s vision lies hope and optimism for better days. Despite having experienced unimaginable suffering, devastation, and loss throughout his life, Ahmad’s paintings exude an unbridled sense of hope and optimism.

His paintings reflect the full human experience, capturing emotions and resilience. Using mediums like acrylics, India ink, oil, and watercolors, Ahmad seeks to inspire thought and contemplation.

Vibrant colors, dynamic compositions, and evocative imagery invite viewers to hope and endure uncertainty. Ahmad’s art offers a beacon of hope — a reminder that even in the darkest times, light will always find its way in.

His Prominent Work

Ahmad Shariff Artwork

Ahmad is known for his emotive and contemporary pieces. Here are some of his popular creations.


A tribute to Martin Luther King Jr., using India ink on vintage book pages. The use of a vintage book as a canvas also reflects MLK’s significant contribution to history, which persists to this day.

Kiss of Depth

Captures the beauty and complexity of human relationships. Red and black India ink on poetry book pages convey love’s facets.

Growing Pains

Bold brush strokes and mixed mediums depict growth through adversity.

Visit Ahmad Shariff Art Gallery Today

Ahmad’s art and life intertwine in resilience and hope. From war-torn Beirut to celebrated artist in Los Angeles, his journey exemplifies art’s transformative power.

Explore his artwork at Ahmad Shariff Art Gallery in Claremont, California.

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